Its back to school season again, exciting for some and such a dread for others. Nonetheless, it’s got to happen.Today’s post is the first of a Back-to-school|how to get organised for school series that I am starting on this blog,Hopefully these organisational ideas would make your life a bit easier. The focus today is on how to organise your school bag. You can also check my previous  back to school outfit ideas and back-to-school outfit lookbook.

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1. The School Bag

It is important to pick a bag that is fits your aesthetic and yet functional. This is because you will be using this bag a lot so it should first be something you actually like and secondly, it should be suitable in terms of space and practicality. For the younger ones, you can use this link here, to receive discount off your order back to school essentials from Claires. Remember, you  will be carrying books and perhaps a laptop in it so you don’t want something that is too heavy on its own. So whether you pick a satchel, backpack or tote bag, choose what works for you. But it should be big enough to carry your folders, note books, cosmetic wallet, snacks, planner, emergency wallet, pencil cases, easy to grab wallet which holds your ID, cash and tickets.  Also remember to take a clear paper pouch to carry any loose papers you may get from school so that you can put them in the right folders when you get home.  You can use the original slots in the bag for things like keys, a phone or an umbrella if your bag comes with any and use additional wallets to organise other things to avoid the rummaging, and pouring  your bag out on the floor just to find your train tickets, bus fares or that piece of gum you stored from last week.

You may feel that it is too much to carry  but this idea has been very helpful in organising and eliminates forgetting  leaving certain important things behind while changing bags as well as time saving. By simply having a place for all the things you need on an everyday basis, you find that you feel more organised.back-to-school how to get organised for school

back-to-school how to get organised for school

 Back-to-school how to get organised for school

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2.The Cosmetic Wallet

Going back to school in autumn, certain things are indispensable. This wallet could contain anything including moisturiser, alcohol gel, deodorant, lip balm, makeup or any thing to keep you looking and feeling fresh. You don’t have to go with my list, just add whatever you need for your particular needs.

back-to-school how to get organised for school

3.The Emergency Bag

This is a very useful bag where you can store things like a flash drive, power bank, chargers, earphones, feminine items, a tiny sewing kit for the times when the buttons decides to pop for no reason, safety pins, hair pins and hair bubbles among others. This does not only make you well prepared but also keeps you out of embarrassing situations.

back-to-school how to get organised for school

back-to-school how to get organised for school

Back-to-school how to get organised for school

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  1. It’s really important to get your things organised especially during back to school. It’ll help you become more productive!

  2. Absolutely love this post! In my 5 years at university (which are now sadly over), I’d never thought of bringing an emergency bag (silly me!). These all sound like necessary things to bring to school. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love you back to school article! It’s really creative and reading it really helped me organize my school bag better because I get too lazy to organize them and ended up throwing everything I thought I might need in there. And my bag ended up getting extremely heavy.

  4. I fully agree with you: it is so important to pick a bag that is functional but also fits your aesthetic… That why I would probably go for the Laptop Backpack with the USB Charging Port ! I have always too much to carry, so thank you for the tips especially the emergency bag 🙂

  5. Love this! I am so used to being so unorganized and just throwing everything in my bag and cannot find anything!! I am getting my stuff organized now.

  6. Omg I love this! & I love that pink bag. My favorite part of back to school is the new stuff so this is definitely up my alley

  7. I totally carry an emergency bag with me xD I find that it lets me leave my room without worrying too much 🙂

  8. LOL…you sound like me when I was in university, except the cosmetic bag. I only bothered with lip gloss for that. I was the person that had that emergency stash that everyone knew about.

  9. Loved the different bags to get organized.I always seem to lose train tickets inside my bag .Great tips about the clear pouch and loose sheets

  10. Even though I passed the age of going to school I still think your tips are useful, especially when it comes to the makeup bag and emergency bag. I always pack an emergency bag at all times and it has always come in handy.

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