A workspace should be able to set the mood for productivity. Consider your workspace as your state of mind, when everything is in chaos, efficiency is hard to achieve. The same  goes for our workspace. This post is part of the back to school series an its about small desk organisation ideas. I know that not everyone has the luxury of having a whole room designated as a workspace for either school work or office duties, like myself most people have the little corner in their room to place their desk. Here is a post to help your organise and maximise your space five easy ways.

small desk organisation ideas

“Consider your workspace as your state of mind, when everything is in chaos, efficiency is hard to achieve”.


If you are lacking space,there are clever ways of maximising what you have available with clever choice of furniture. I love white furniture personally because lighter colours have a way of opening up a space, glass or perspex also gives the illusion of space. Consider your space and check which measurements you have to have in mind when buying a desk. To achieve a clutter free look,but furniture that comes with drawers to keep your supplies away from sight. My desk is only 98cm in length and 32cm in width so ideal for demonstrating small desk organisation ideas. I got it from ikea,

it might not be available any longer but you can find a similar ones  here  and here.  It didn’t come with marble at the front , it was a DIY I did with fablon /contact paper. Although this is a relatively small desk, it is ideal for ensuring that I keep within the limits of what I keep at my workspace. This leads us to how to store your supplies.

“lighter colours have a way of opening up a space”



I have 3 narrow drawers measuring 32cm long and 24cm accross, I use the top shelf and drawer to store my journals, planner and notebooks and any books I am reading,  the second for office supplies and last drawer for my sewing bits and bobs. Just enough space to make sure that I am not cluttering the space.

It is quite tempting even now that its back to school season to buy lots of stationery just because they are cute, but try and buy only what you need.

Make sure to have a space for everything to make it easier to find them.  If you can, buy drawer organisers to compartmentalise your drawers for your supplies. IF everything goes to a specific place, its easier to keep up with an organised space and cut out time wasted to looking for things and  tidying up.

” buy only what you need”.

small desk organisation ideas


This is a point that is often ignored. As well as taking regular breaks between sitting in front of your desk, we need to pay attention to our bodies by maintaining good ergonomics. What about you shift the attention from purchasing a desk chair that is merely instagrammable to one which actually ensures the health of your spine? Good posture is very important. I leave my sewing machine underneath my desk to rest my feet. If you have a chair that has an adjustable mechanism, make sure to tweak the chair to a good position, You can find out more about healthy desk behaviour here and also how to create an good egornomics here .


This is so important to achieving productivity. Have a mental picture ofthings, listing them and finally scheduling them to be done is very  vital. Around my desk, I have three things I use for planning, first my planner/ organiser. As mentioned in my 5 Ways to get organised post, I prefer planners/organisers to dairies because it allows you to organise different things in one place. I use the paperchase organisers, they conme in an array of colours and patterns, they also sell inserts so that you can get new inserts ever. The second thing I use for planning is a suspension file holder. This is perfect to organise paperwork to keep receipts,bills and statements tidy. I love that it comes with labels and different slots to make it easy to file your paper in categories. A third thing around my desk that I use to stay organised is my hanger turned makeshift pinboard attached to a calender, which I use to pin  up motivational quotes, shop discount vouchers and  small notices to remind me.

small desk organisation ideas

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small desk organisation ideas


In as much as this is vital to making you feel relaxed and comfortable at your desk, thry could be a distraction. I have chosen three faux potted plants as decor. I love the calming effect of greenery, I think it sets the mood for productivity. Whatever you choose whether family photos or ornaments,make sure it doesn’t cause you to waste work time  day dreaming about your holiday in Ibiza.



paper clips

keyboard and mouse 

copper hanger 


basket  planner   letter holder journal

tealight holder highlighter  

clipboard  faux fur rug


small desk organisation ideas




Are you on a mission to organise your life? drop in the comments below what your biggest challenge is.


  1. The decor you show here is gorgeous! I can only work when my space is clean and actually write a lot of posts on productivity, declutter and organization. A clean space helps your mind to focus better and I love your style!

  2. Loved all the tips.Most important is to stop buying extra stuff .That’s very important.Until we control that nothing works

  3. As an educator and blogger, stationary and organization are really my thing, or at least I try to make them my thing. I enjoyed reading through this to catch someone else’s opinion on what good organization looks like. I think, ultimately, you did a better job than I!

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