DISCOVERING GREAT TASTE: Spicing things up with Gordon Rhodes

I love to make wonderful meals for my family. I’m a huge hygge fun who believes  in the power of comfort food, I also happen to possess the feeder DNA which I acquired by virtue of being a cancerean. Between those two reasons, I am constantly looking for ways to make meal times fun and DISCOVERING GREAT TASTE is an awesome adventure.


As per my culture,  my palette is well  adjusted to eating flavourful foods and having culinary prowess scores you more points,  do I want to challenge that view, maybe some other day but I love to cook so I guess it’s a win win in my particular situation. So DISCOVERING THE GREAT TASTE of Gordon Rhodes was a godsend!


DISCOVERING GREAT TASTE :Spicing things up with Gordon Rhodes

Creating Jolly Fine Food, Gordon Rhodes was an intrepid traveller who searched the globe for the finest ingredients and delicious recipes-Gordon Rhodes”

The brand gifted me with their full range of products so I thought to share with the world. They are known for their award winning blends of stuffing, sauce mixes, rubs, sprinkles and crumbs that are rich in taste. They also have delicious recipes on their website which I am excited to try out.


“They pride themselves in making jolly fine flavours for the time challenged cook”


Their range includes slow cooker sauces which includes The Pig Easy Pulled Pork, Slow & Steamy Morocco Style Tagine, Slow Comfortable Stew, Chilled Out Chilli Con Carne, and No Hurry Chicken Curry Their “Jolly Fine” stuffing mixes include: Gourmet Country Herb & Chestnut, Gourmet Tomato & Sweet Red Pepper, Gourmet English Sage, Garden Herb & Red Onion,
The also do rubs such as the Firecracker Quick Hot Rub (Chilli & Black Pepper), A Good Old Fashioned Vigorous Rub (Smoked Paprika, Black Pepper & Chilli) and chipotle Their sprinkles include: Lazy Hazy Southern Sprinkle (Cajun Spices), Hazy Lazy Summer Sprinkle (Citrus & Herb) and last but not the least, their crumbs range which includes The Easy Crumb Easy Go (Chilli, Lime & Coriander) and Easy Crumb Easy Go (Garlic & Herb).


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What do you think? Have you tried GORDON RHODES FLAVOURINGS before ? If not please do try and let me know what you think.

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  1. Haven’t seen these before, but they sound delish! Love marinating meat and leaving it in the freezer for quick weekday cheats so these would be perfect for that

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