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I thought this post would answer some questions I get about my FIRMOO EYEGLASSES . Such as where I get my glasses, whether they are just fashion glasses or medicated, how much they cost, what if it doesn’t suit me and how long do they take to ship.


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I have been wearing glasses since my childhood. Wearing spectacles from a young age has not always been something I enjoyed, except from the occasional boost of confidence I received whenever someone commented that my spectacles made me look like a doctor (I know, judge me). However those comments did not linger because there was an unequal measure of bullying also associated with wearing the kind of glasses I wore. Due to the fact that I was a tiny girl who had an optician who always managed to convince my mum to pick out the huge atrocious looking frames, I was often a subject of ridicule among my friends who used to call me ‘wooden glasses'(the humour lost in translation), ” and the likes.


There were times when I would just refuse to wear them until a banging migraine reminded me of the right thing to do. So naturally when I heard about contact lenses I though great, I’m sorted, until I realised that they weren’t for everyone (a story for another day). So, I decided that if I would wear glasses then they’ve got to make a fashion statement.

It was a case of a girl having a rather expensive taste but savvy with money. As  you may guess, all the frames I preferred were too expensive. So I scouted the internet for quirky eyewear that was also value for money. That was when I chanced upon A FIRMOO EYEGLASSES REVIEW in a YouTube video.

Here is a pair I bought earlier



FIRMOO EYEGLASSES   is an online eyewear store that caters to both fashion and prescribed glasses. They stock a wide range of frames that can be suited to the individual need of a buyer. So whether you need a pair for fashion or prescription, they got you covered. They sell computer glasses, fashion glasses, sunglasses, prescription sports glasses, polarized sunglasses, frames for males, females and children.FIRMOO EYEGLASSES REVIEW


As I mentioned earlier, their frames are very affordable, plus they are always running a sales programme. Even after the extra charges for your prescription, they are comparatively low for the variety and quality they provide.FIRMOO EYEGLASSES REVIEW

Glasses to Fit

If you are concerned about buying glasses online because you are not sure whether or not they will suit, do not worry. You get to upload an image of your face to try the glasses on to have  an idea of how they will fit. There are also guides on the site that enable you to choose frames according to the shape of your face. If you need prescription glasses, just upload or fill in your prescription details in the section provided and that would be it. They usually carry different colours of the same frame so you have options to choose from. I am also aware that they have optical shops in a lot of countries, so you can check the website to locate your nearest optician if you desire.

My new pair is  frame number  #S1420. I love how dainty but sturdy it is. This frame is so light weight, I hardly remember that I’ve got them on.  I especially love the translucent pink and gold colours that gives it  a rose gold effect. Of course there were other colour options.


You can check the link here for a breakdown of their shipping destinations and cost. It usually takes about a week for me to receive my order in England so that isn’t too bad.







frame 1 here

frame 2 here

frame 3 here

frame 4 here

frame 5 here

frame 6 here

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  1. Thanks so much for the review. I have been looking on line to get some prescription glasses because they are so expensive in the stores. I didn’t even know about FIRMOO. Thanks!

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