Hello, my name is Marianne, I describe myself as a scribe and creative. I started my blog in 2012 and have not looked back! Content creating is my piece of heaven where I bring to life my love for writing, fashion, way of life and interior design. In a world of many content creators, I believe my voice and style are unique enough to reach its intended audience.

    With a first degree in Education, English major and a second degree in Social Work, my zeal for communicating my views whether in my values or fashion sense was consolidated. I believes in using my fashion sense and lifestyle to communicate who I am in a way that is empowering to me as an individual and inspiring to others while defining my femininity in my own terms and not that which is socially constructed.

    I also work with businesses to create content to promote their brands. Some of the brands I have worked with include: H&M, Mejuri, Murad, John Lewis & Ptnrs, Femme Luxe, TJC, Boohoo, Ideal of Sweden, AndSoBoutique, Alicia.Decor, CALA Homes, Tufafi,  Skin&Co, Dgeeg’n, London Fashion Week, Swiss Clinic etc.

    For all other inquiries drop me an email: haute.comely@yahoo.co.uk