Hi y’all today I am sharing with you a publication for all you guys interested in fashion, International contest for designers, fashion photographers and filmmakers .
    I think its a great opportunity if that’s your dream.
    All the best
    Men’s Style fashion design contest is looking for fashion designers The Men’s fashion cluster organizes an International contest for designers, fashion photographers and filmmakers Men’s Style www.mensstyle.org. The theme of the contest is ‘The men’s suit – modern and practical’.
    The goal of the contest is to preserve the made-to-measure traditions of the suit and to make the suit more attractive and practical in everyday life of men, teenagers and children. Men’s Style will promote the use of wool fabrics in men’s suits, which allow the clothes to breath, they are ecologically clean, practical, light and fine.
    The contest will fight unemployment in fashion industry.
    Youth unemployment is at critical levels – in the EU 23.3 percent (5.5 million) of those under the age of 25 are jobless, according to EU figures. The Men’s Style contest will provide to 600 fashion designers through the whole 2014 a business plan for developing an atelier for men’s made-to-measure suits and training for the realization of the business plan. Imagine that all those fashion designers start their successful business and buy new machines, equipment and software, hire employees – the effect for the industry will quickly be accumulated. In the frame of the project the suits collections of 60 designers will be produced free of charge from fabrics and materials, provided by the organizers. Only wool fabrics from European manufacturers (UK, Italy) will be used and the suits will be manufactured in the modern European factory for men’s suits Richmart with capacity to produce 1500 suits per day. When ready, all collections will be shot by the photographers, involved in the project and will be added to an e-shop, where they can be bought online. All suits will be offered as made-to-measure and sold at affordable prices.
    A fashion show will be held on August 22, 2014 at the International festival in Zheravna, Bulgaria to present the designer collections.

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