• Valentine’s Day

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    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I was tempted to do an outfit post but I felt to share this instead.

     In recent years, the purpose of this day is somewhat twisted. Carnal mindedness. Some magazine I read focused a whole three pages on best sex positions to try on valentines day and the best sex toys to try when you are going solo on that day. How can an idea so beautiful receive such subverted interpretations?
     It was a day when a certain St Valentine was martyred. Therefore Catholics hold this day as a feast day for him.
    He is remembered as the Patron of Love, Young People, Happy Marriages

    This saint,(a catholic priest)  is distinguished from all the others bearing his name or derivations of it by the suffix, “of Rome” ,therefore a particular reference to St Valentine of Rome.

     Do we equate the expression of love to giving gifts? Well yes and no. In as much as giving is an act of showing love, the purpose isn’t limited to the action but to the thought behind it.
    The measure of love can never be equated to the worth of a gift (I mean this in monetary sense)

    Acts of kindness, are equally acts of love.

    Lets not focus too much on what we are going to receive or give. A simple  you mean a lot to me is an expression of love.

    Lets show love to everyone around us. Click here for great valentine gift ideas

    Luv, Marianne


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