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    “Breaking Fashion Myths: Wearing White after Labor Day”
    Like every year, we have the same question in our minds, “Can we wear white after labor day?” Why, of course we can. This fashion myth may have long been broken but there still are few who restrain from wearing white in any form, after Labor Day. We all have a thing for whites and intentionally or unintentionally we all somehow invest in whites. While you have a good number of white in your wardrobe, and you don’t want to pack them all after summer, take your white clothing to fall.
    This 1800’s unnecessarily famous fashion statement set by the rich women of that time needs to go out. We all love white and we our love for white remains after Labor Day as well. We don’t think that many people follow this myth anymore because we see white on runways for fall autumn/ Fall collections.
    Since you are certain that you can wear white after Labor Day; now the question is how to wear this summer perfect color in fall? Here a few style tips to wear white after summers and particularly after Labor Day.
    The Layers:
    When you love those white tops you’ve bought in summers, and you know their fabric is not that light to be easily worn in winter, and then you just need a blazer or coat in the colors of fall to go with it. Well, we don’t want you to be dressed in all white from head to toe; find a bottom in other color or just go with your denim skinnies. Since you’ll be wearing this in fall you can also layer your outfit with a fall perfect scarf and long boots to complete your look. If you’re still in the transition
    period, then you can stick to
    the jacket or blazer only.
    Similarly, you can layer your white shirts with denim jackets or cute sweaters that are not too frumpy or oversized. This will give you a feminine look in the fall. Whenever you select a layering piece with white make sure to keep at least something in fall colors.
    A big white sweater, either worn over a top or just as it is looks great in fall. It gives you a warm and cozy feeling. No matter what we need an oversized sweater and wearing it stylishly, without looking sloppy is the real deal. Pair your big white sweater with a skinnies or animal print pants and boots to look wow in winters.
    When it comes to layering or if we call it a color blocking technique, you can use a white blazer over the vibrant fall tops to tone down the brightness. Also, everything looks decent in white so if you’re looking for an elegant piece of clothing to wear at work you can always wear a white jacket on any top.
    Taking white to the bottom:
    Straight white pants have always been one of our favorites; they add a subtle elegance to any of your outfits. Wear your white pants when you’re wearing a bright fall color or when you want to add some white perfection to your look. Make sure your white pants are not in a summer fabric. You can’t wear light weight cotton pants when it’s too cold; opt for white denims as they are comparatively warmer.
    A white pencil skirt paired with a dark top and jacket looks sophisticated and neat. Women who are working invest a great amount on pencil skirts and tailored pants; they should not ditch their basic white skirts in winter. You can wear your knee length boots to keep yourself completely warm. There are many options to pair with a white skirt or dress pants all you need to do is choose the right colors.
    Accessorize with whites:
    When you have nothing white to wear and you need just a tad of this color in your clothes then wearing a white belt is a great idea. Not only does it serve as great accessory but is also good for color blocking.
    Adding white shoes or bag to a very vibrant outfit gives a smooth, soothing look. There are often white pointed toe shoes and bags that we all have and we can tone down our winter colors with these accessories.
     So here’s our stylish plan to ditch the myth this year. You can wear whites after Labor Day as fashionably as you can in summers or before September. All you need is your own style sense to choose the right way to wear white.
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