• 5 Five ways to glam up your home

    Hello dearies, I am doing great and motivated to start blogging again. Yep I have been lost in action for too long I can’t even count.
    Well I’m back and starting off with Interior décor whoop whoop!!!
     If I would give any explanation for the long hiatus it would be because we were moving house, You know how that is right? Phew!
    I am struggling to get everything perfect.It is true what they say that perfection isn’t even a possibility
    When I am finally done you would see sneak peaks of it.

    Before I start I would like to throw a disclaimer out there that I am by no means an interior decorator(getting there) but I loooove to decorate and “pretty- things” out so whatever suggestions I give here are from my own likes.Capish?

    The following are five ways to glam up your home.

    Displaying / Organizing

    There are numerous items out there that you could use creatively to organise and display your bits. When something is both appealing and serves a purpose that’s great right?
    You can use cake stands, apothecary jars, tiered shelves, bar carts and dispensers to organise and/or display your stuff.

    Apothecary Jars for body brush storage, bath salts, non-electric toothbrushes, cotton wool pads/buds/balls etc.
    found here


    A pretty cake stand makes a big difference!
    Find it Here
    Spring Bar Cart Styling: a mint, pink and gold bar cart display for spring!
    Find it Here
    Look at this #zulilyfind! ZEVRO Silver Dry Foods Dual Dispenser by ZEVRO #zulilyfinds
    Found Here


     Wall Art

    No news right? Wall art can turn a bare wall to a very nice focal points in a room.
    You can go for beautiful paintings, illustrations, wall decal, picture collages,Ornate mirrors or opt for a quirky repurposed wall art.


    Bright Triangles WALL DECAL by TheLovelyWall on Etsy, $52.00
    Found Here

    A door mat painted and hung up as wall décor.

    10 Projects with Spray Paint • Tutorials, including this floor mat wall art from 'Salvage Dior'!
    Found Here

    Kanchi Designs - elegant - Art Curator & Art Adviser. I am targeting the most exceptional art! Catalog @ http://www.BusaccaGallery.com
    Found Here

    Flower Arrangements

    Peonies, daffodils, Topiaries, Ferns , use them all.
    A hint of nature breathes life into a room.
    Go for a more natural looking kind if like me you can’t keep real plants alive.
    Use cute, quirky or adorable vases whatever your style.
    Repurpose old jars, cover them in glue and dip into glitter  to make a cute and girly flower vase. You can also repurpose a vintage watering can to hold flowers

    Pretty teapot flower arrangements , great for a baby shower or kitchen tea| Diane Phillips, dkdesigns, via Flickr
    Found Here
    Decorative Country Living - Vintage - Enamelware
    Found Here
    Contemporary Cubico planters in black gloss! Potted with the classic boxwood ball. For no maintenance and no watering why not opt for artificial. View here
    Found Here

    Poodles in Paris 8th birthday party | CatchMyParty.com
    Found Here

    Textures and Patterns

    Prints, ruffles, Faux fur, Burlap etc.
    Throw a faux fur throw on your bed to glam it up. I particularly love graphic prints.
    Geometric rugs, cushions, curtains, throws, everything really.

    What do you think of the latest in Master Bedroom trends? Cozy with bold geometric prints.
    found here

    You can go for a neutral coloured room décor and throw in a geometric print cushion in let’s say purple, to bring a splash of colour to a room. These are easy to change up on a budget.


    Room design. so cute. love the fur rug and the glittered pillow. will have it somewhere


    Select ornaments that compliment your style.
    Personally, I like all sorts, modern, shabby chic- vintage ,quirky, eclectic really. If it appeals to me then I’ve got to make it work some how.

    Beautiful Lantern..Really love this. Find things around your home that you can put a candle in.
    Assembly Home Sweet Scandinavian Tall Planter - Urban Outfitters

    If I find it appealling,I will throw it in somehow.

    So shabby chic♥ made some like these with old lamp bases







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