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    Hello guys! How are we? I am starting an interactive chat on the blog, I get to ask people questions behind the blog, I post the peoples thoughts here and we discuss or disagree on there answers in the comment box. This is our first post on this so I am kinna curious on what the feedbacks will be. So today’s question is on fashion, “What Are The Fashion Trends That Should Be Stopped”

    Firstly, before I wear or do what’s trendy I look how it suits me, I don’t just wear it cos everyone is wearing it. I always say this when it comes to fashion never say never, fashion is so contagious before you know it you are doing that trend you hissed at.

    So I ask a few persons and they have different interesting answers on what they trends should be stopped:

    CHIKE – Sweat pants! Dudes should stop wearing it out.

    RONKY BROWN- I think denim, its way too popular and kinda abused already. Everywhere you go you get to see someone on denim.

    GB – It’s sneakers on dress for me, I see a lovely lady from far, wearing a lovely dress and I walk up to her and she’s wearing a sneakers just like mine. I be like WTF,you’re supposed to be wearing heels or something, it’s not like you’re going to play football or something

    OLORI LIZYBETH – Make gal no dey do leg like person wey get k leg wen dey won snap. And make dem stop to dey do mouth like person wey chop bitter cola.

    MS KARE- Heavy Makeup on a normal day is a no no for me. When I see a girl with a lousy makeup on a normal day, I am like wtf?

    CHIOMA – Girls that wear leggings and still feel they have to tuck in their blouses. Even babes wey dey line their brows with red eyeliner and lips with black eye pencil with gold lipstick

    TOSYNE – Boot cuts! Its every shades of wrong in my eyes. We wore it back in the day and it still looks Uncool in 2015. I will just stick to the palazzo of this age if I must do comfy. Its still skinny jeans any day!

    ICE – All these childish looking graphic tees with lots of colours.

    Whoop! That’s it, thanks to everyone that sent in answers. So to my lovely readers feel free to contribute, disagree, agree, disect in the comment box.

    Thanks for reading, leave your comments and share!


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