• 6 Beautiful Interior Design Moodboards

    Guest Post by Jo-anne Coetser
    Now this blog has been fun to write, and so interesting. We all think of interior designers only being for the rich and/or famous. However, I have been fortunate enough to learn that this is not the case at all.
    Interior designers are artists that studied on how to merge their artistic nature with your style to help you make your home the most beautiful, comfortable, and functional place it could be.
    The trick is finding a designer that listens, instead of trying to impose their style onto you. This can be a bit difficult to find, but trust me there are some amazing ones out there that take into account not only styles, and needs, but budgets too. If you find a designer that has a furniture range as well, you may be pleasantly surprised at how far you can stretch your budget.
    This blog is just an interesting piece, showing how much work is actually involved for the designer, and after they are done – the results. I am sure you will find it as breathe taking as I did. The designer that I was privileged enough to speak with, and who so kindly shared her work with me is Candice Brophy from Milk Décor and Simpli Décor. The Milk Décor division is for baby, nursery and children’s rooms’, while the Simpli Décor division covers the entire home and office.
    First there would be the initial consultation; there you can decide if this designer is one that can join you in your vision for your home. Think of colours and textures you like, you can even arm yourself with clippings from magazines. This is where the magic begins. The designer takes in all of the information, ascertains your ideas’ and starts designing as you speak.
    The designer then goes on to make a mood board. I have to say these are absolute magic, personally I would frame the mood board and put it in the room as well. These mood boards may seem simple, but the designer pours their creative magic, and ideas’ into these to show you what your design would entail. They include the colour palette, textures, furniture, and ornaments or other extras’ all on one page, which gives you as a client a very good idea on what the room will look like, and the opportunity to change or tweak anything you are not too happy with. Throughout this blog are a few examples of mood boards, and you can see what I mean by them being beautiful.

    Once you, as the client, are happy with the designs and concepts your designer gets to the hard of work of sourcing and commissioning items, arranging a team for the painting or carpentry if required, and ultimately putting the home and/or room together. Saving the client so much in terms of time and stress, we just get to marvel at, and enjoy the finished product.

    * All mood boards, concepts, and furniture were supplied by, and are copyrighted to Milk Décor/Simpli Décor who can be reached upon info@milkdecor.co.za should you have any further queries.

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