Hello dearies, today, I am starting a new DIY series. Just really simple ideas to spruce up your home on a budget.
    I love me some aromatics. There is nothing as off putting as entering your home and being greeted with an awful scent. Nice smelling homes are so welcoming and relaxing. I love candles, wax burners, incense, plug in scents and all, but I chanced upon this DIY and I felt the need to share with you all. Its probably the simplest DIY project everrrrr! Three simple steps. Hope this inspires you.
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     smooches, Marianne 
    1. Container with a narrow entrance.
    2. Bamboo skewers.
    3. A carrier oil of your choice. You could also use baby oil.
    4. Essential oil(s) of your choice.
     Pour the carrier oil into your container and put about 25 drops of essential oils into it. Put the bamboo skewers into the container and that’s basically it!
    I used almond oil as my carrier oil and since I have a selection of essential oils, I combined a few to achieve some wintery scents.
    For this one, I combined  cut grass and nutmeg& orange essential oils.

    This is my favourite, its sandalwood and winter berry.
    As well as making your home smell lovely, Reed diffusers can be used for decorative purposes. You will literally be killing two birds with one stone.( a bad saying, who wants to kill something that pretty huh?, but forgive me 😉 



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    2. July 11, 2017 / 10:18 am

      This is such a pretty diy project thx 🙂

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