You have got the perfect outfit  for the party you couldn’t wait to go to. The dress is kind of small but
     you have managed to zip it up.good on you.You are all set for the party to show of your new frock .Apparently your ex is going to be there and you cant wait to show off how svelte you look and to make him realise what a loser he is.What could possibly go wrong ?
    You get to the party beaming and commanding all the attention Marilyn Monroe couldnt even receive in her lifetime.Then suddenly your zip gives up exposing your little secret,the spandex control underwear that was supposed to hide together with your wobbly bits, and which unfortunately is slightly ripped at the back! As if that wasn’t enough, in your bid to hide away your shame, you bump into your ex splashing a drink all over your face causing your mascara along with the rest of you makeup to run down your sorry face.So apt!
    A great mishap that has made nothing of the uber confidence you carried about you when you left the house.
    Horrible imagery, I know. But as they say, $%@# happens.We’ve all been there, opened flaps, nipple slips, bad hair days, missing buttons, ripped tights, smudged mascara, fat days, that pair of tights that insists on ruining your day because it keeps drooping at the crotch, detached dress seams and hems, drawing the world map at the back of your skirt because your periods have a mind of their own, dashing off to the shops to buy an unplanned pair of flats either because of a broken heel or that you just cannot bare to walk in your shoes anymore, stepping out into a diabolical weather totally under dressed for your own good, arriving too early for a function and having to wait outside forever and therefore having frozen feet that stays forever and a frozen smile that wares off too quickly than intended.The list is endless.
    The reason why my handbag always looks like I am ready to move in is that I always carry with me “emergency” stuff ,duct tape,staplers,safety pins,thread,needles,pins,double sided tapes,extra buttons,feminine pads,extra clothes,if i have room.yes,i am a nerd!but I have learnt well.Considering some embarrassing moments I have had(lemme take a moment to snap out of the visual images i am having right now)you get the gist.been there done that.

    I am not telling you to carry all these stuff with you.I am just saying they could really save you some embarrassment.Its free advice.take it or suffer at your own peril.

    Marianne x


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