• Are You Anal Retentive

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    Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you will reach your destiny. ~Carl Schurz, address, Faneuil Hall, Boston, 1859

    Forget the scholastic quote. It doesn’t even say exactly what I want to put across but it seem smart so I had to use it lol.

    In today’s blog I am talking about the perfectionist, the fussbudget, the nit- picker,the idealist, the quibbler, the obsessive person, the meticulous person, the fastidious, the anal retentive person, the super critical, the fuddy daddy, the nerd and I

    Once I had to explain myself even though I was not asked. I went to a Tesco extra to buy a snack and as I walked past the pudding isle I noticed that a can of rice pudding had been turned upside down so I decided to position it correctly(is that not the right thing to do?). Well it didn’t stop there. I also noticed that a few of the merchandise were either positioned wrongly or had come off the shelve so I took it upon my self to bring everything down and re arrange them totally unaware of  the number of eyes staring down at me while I ”did my job”
     Totally embarrassing ,it was when I had finished, totally content with my work and smilling to myself in contentment when I notised someone looking. I unconsciously spluttered ”Oh i work here”.The lady on the other side responded ,her exact words, ”no you don’t i do”.well she wore a uniform. Everyone started to laugh some of them recounting their own experiences at the perfectionism thing.That was suppose to make light of the situation but trust me it did nothing for my embarrassed state.

    Are you anal retentive?

    1. Do you, like me, take too long shopping just because you dedicated a good 30minites arranging clothes that had fallen off hangers back on their right hangers?
    2. Do you wince at  people doing their jobs perfunctorily.
    3. Do you wear a helmet to keep your eyes protected from your computer screen?
    4. Do you set your clock a few minutes early to make sure that you are never late?
    5. Are you the first to notice grammatical errors in  writings?
    6. Do you wonder whether  some words should be hyphenated?
    7. Do you colour coordinate your clothes in your wardrobe?
    8. Do you keep changing the positions of furniture in your room just for a change?
    9. Do you change the colour scheme and decor of your room too often than your pocket would allow?
    10. Have you ever been branded a perfectionist or over meticulous?
    11. Do you remember what was first on this list without referring to it.

    The list is endless.If like me you answered yes to all or most of the items in the list you might well just be anal retentive.

    Most of the things we do might sound sad but come on,so far as you have not be diagnosed with OCD I guess you are alright.
    Is it even wrong to make sure things are done properly? You might never know, it might save you some accident or extra work later(wow,that sounded anal retentive right there).
    Please share with me some of the stuff you do.


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