wow creatively amazing. these beds definitely got my attention,the designers of these beds definitely put in a lot of thought and effort
with the right amount of ambience, these are definitely the ones that would take you to cloud nine hmmmn,i like.
About these beds,cant i even ”pimp” my own bed to get the look,i presume a gorgeous headboard with beautiful bedding(duvet covers,cushions,bedspreads,throws and valance)could do the trick.oh well, let me just feast my eyes on these.

This bed is a bit masculine to me but it is gorgeous

i wonder if i covered my bed with fabric would it not look like this?
majestydressed wxqgc 12 Luxurious Beds Fit for Kings

i don’t know for sure if their beauty march their comfort.This is also quite masculine but i love the cut of it

bed frames deluxe interior red gloss
Luxury design bed with gold decoration
bed mattresses glossy bone white color design

this is gorgeous but what if the top comes shut while i am asleep?oh clever,it doubles as a coffin/casket.phew

Charming Wrought Iron Canopy Bed – Amaka by Giusti Portos

this bed actually rocks(literally)

the private cloud rock bed

First of all i need to sleep by the wall to ensure a peaceful sleep.second,i will be fighting for leg space with my bed mate(the husband that is)i luv the cushions.but do they even come with the bed?

savior beds

On that note,YAWN!i will resign to my very regular bed.It might not be luxurious.but it certainly does it magic

luv & smooches,Marianne

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