• The Halloween Horrors


    OK i think shopping is therapeutic and must be available on the NHS for women suffering from stress related illnesses. However, Its Halloween soon AGAIN! and all the shops look absolutely disgusting with all the horrifying outfits. Slashed throats, ripped faces, bleeding wounds, God its awful out there!
    Just picking up milk for breakfast has suddenly become an irksome task for me. OK lets say that no one cares about my view on Halloween, i don’t expect every one to be worldly- wise, but at least you should know that it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea or that not every one considers the costumes easy on the eyes. So it shouldn’t be slapped on our faces like that.If you entered a shop it seem the merchandiser went crazy by throwing together all the horrors of the world at the entrance of the shops.well,there might be a kind of order to it but all i see is a heap of trash repulsive beyond description!
    Folklorists say Halloween is a pagan celebration of the dead. The Halloween holiday is commonly thought to have pagan roots, even though the etymology of the word is Christian..Said to be heavily influenced by the Christian holy days of All Saints’ Day (also known as Hallowmas, All Hallows, and Hallowtide) and All Souls’ Day honouring the departed saints,well the whole idea of it is a bit too much to take in.what is clear here is that i don’t like it.Hope they get over with it so that shopping is a pleasure again.sigh!

    luv & smooches,Marianne


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    1. October 18, 2012 / 10:26 pm

      Love your dress! I feel the same way about Halloween.

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