• Interview with fashionista Mella Lina


    What is the source of your inspiration

    The source of my inspiration is vast. As a creative person, I am constantly inspired by anything artistic. Music, poetry, photography, art, you name it. Even just enjoying the beauty of our surroundings in this world and using our senses like smell and touch can open our minds to new possibilites and ideas.

    How would you describe your style

     Like most fashionistas, my style is constantly evolving. One day I’ll be decked out in vintage clothes, and the next i’ll be sporting a darker more edgy look. The one thing that I make sure never changes is my level of modesty. I think that’s something that has sadly been lost in society over the years.

    What got you to start your blog?

    I’ve been interested in fashion since the age of 14 and decided to pursue a job in the fashion industry. But after working for 3 years, I wanted to be able to use my talents not only for my job, but also to inspire people. Hence, my modest fashion blog was born.

    Which celebrity’s style inspires you?
    This question is rather difficult for me to answer, because quite frankly most celebrities do not dress in a way that I find inspiring. The magazine covers are splashed with revealing and tight-fitting clothes which is such a shame because these women are role models for many young women and girls.

    Which celebrity would you love to style?

    Elle Fanning has been one of my favourite actresses for as long as I can remember. I think she is beautiful and charming and I think she would look great in pretty dresses and skirts. I would love to style her so that she could be a positive role model.

    On which social media can we find you?

    Since my blog is still fairly new, I have it based on Facebook. You can find it at Facebook.com/MissMellalina. Hopefully I will gain more followers and be able to transfer to another platform.

    Tell me about your views on modesty and fashion.

    Like most things, fashion has its pros and its cons. Fashion is a means by which we express ourselves. It allows us to be creative, experiment with colors and textures, and feel confidant with ourselves. However, over the years,it has become more and more acceptable to wear more revealing clothing. With the world’s seemingly plummeting self esteem, the last thing we need is for women to disrespect themselves and their bodies with the clothes they wear. I think one of the major problems is that “modesty” has developed a negative connotation. When we hear the word “modesty”, our minds automatically jump to word like “baggy” or “ugly”. That’s wear my blog comes in. I want to show viewers that you CAN be modest and fashionable at the same time.


    Luv &Smooches,Marianne


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    1. January 25, 2013 / 10:46 pm

      love the idea of the post and her style is so nice! following you my dear… just discoverd you via Chictopia 🙂

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