• Lipstick Tutorial

    Hello dearies, hope you are all good.
    Today’s post is a tutorial.
    Have you got any lipsticks lying about in your drawer or on your vanity that you never wear?Yeah the one you bought because it was on sale but brought it home and realised that it matches you quite “ishly”or not at all.The kind you saw on another person’s lips and you went ahead to buy it but didn’t quite suit you.The kind you loved previously but fell in love with another and damped?

    I have quite a few of those on my vanity and thought to put them to better use.
    I found this tutorial on youtube and thought to try it out

    things needed:
    Lipsticks at least 2
    a palette or a container to put your lipstick in
    a candle a spoon

    Examples of things you can  use


    For this tutorial i am using an eye primer container to store my lippy
    STAGE 1
    I made sure that i had everything i needed handy

    i chose a light Pink lipstick that wasn’t pigmented enough to show on my lips, plus an almost brown one with a hint of pink.

    STAGE 3
    I  cut the lipstick off and put them on a spoon then hovered it on top of a lit candle to melt

    STAGE 4
    a beautiful shade of lipstick that i can actually use



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