• Interview with Blogger Shairstyle



    Tell me about your interest in fashion, photography & general lifestyle
    I love fashion simply because to me its the easier form of self explanation. Photography I love because of the fact my boyfriend is a photographer(he takes all my beautiful pictures for the blog).They say a picture can tell a thousand words and I believe that!
    What is the source of your inspiration
    Could be strangers to something I see on another blogger or even movies and sitcoms. 
    How would u describe your style
    Classic but yet trendy at the same time. I believe you do not need to be half naked in order to be “stylish”
    You do fabulous things with your hair.what or who inspires your hairstyles.
    To be honest I mostly get inspiration from instagram and other social networks. I do my own twist on things. I get bored easily so that explains why I always like to switch my styles up.
    What got you to start your blog?
    My boyfriend and it was kind of a mistake really. I started to enjoy it and thought well what have I got to lose.
    What makes your blog unique?
    Because its simply me in pictures.
    Which celebrity’s style inspires you
    One celebrity that I love to see is Olivia Palermo I think her style is impeccable 
    Which celebrity would you love to style?
    To be honest i do not know the answer to this question. It has never come across my mind!
    On which social media can wae find you
    Instagram @sashabasha2

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