Christmas Décor Ideas

Setting the mood for Christmas is a very good way of keeping every one else’s spirit high for the coming festive occasion. Christmas is a happy seasons and so the décor of the house should reflect that mood right? This post shares Christmas décor ideas for the dinning table and the fireplace/mantel.
 There are o rules to decorating at Christmas. You don’t need to stick with the traditional colours. You can choose colours or styles that reflect your individual taste yet bearing in mind a Christmassy look.

The dinning table is where family and friends gather for meals so it should be a focal point.

Romantic Red Dinner Table DecorationChristmas Dining Table Decorating In Modern Minimalist Concept

The fireplace is usually a focal point in the living room. If you don’t even decorate the rest of the house but just decorate the fireplace, That should be enough ,I think.

christmas-fireplace-ideasholiday mantel decorchristmas-mantel-decorating-2012

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