• Autumn /Winter 2013 trend favourites

    1. Oversized outerwear

    This trend is my favourite. How did frumpy trampy came to look this fabulous?
    Oversized outerwear .Cocooned sleeves, You do not need to go splurging for this trend. You can always raid your mum or grandma’s wardrobe  or shop the regular styles but in bigger sized.

    2. Dressed up sweater
    paired with a chic midi [pencil skirt or layered over a shirt and a pair of trousers for work.
    The tip with this I find is to wear a slim fitting one to keep the look formal and chic

    Layered sweater over dress shirt and tie



    3. My third favourite is Layering.

     Not in itself a trend but a very good way of keeping warm yet look chic. Do you find that all the beautiful jackets you like aren’t warm enough? Well you cold still wear them if you  layer sensibly. If you start of with a vest  and pair of thermal tights or leggings, a long sleeved basic  top before your actual sweater and your jackets you may find that you few warm enough. That  beautifully knitted poncho siting in your wardrobe can still be worn in winter if you layer properly. Just be careful you don’t step out looking like you’ve dressed for ten!


    4. Over the knee Socks.

     I love this look so much its not even funny. There is this playfulness about it that makes me go giddy when I see someone rock it fabulously.


    5. Finally, the Shoes :

     ankle booties, Flat, gold metal plate, pointed toe, pixie, cut out. These words describe my favourites.


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