• The best fashion faux pas of the week that just can’t unsee (8 November – 15 November)

     The festive season is already in full swing in celebville, but where there’s a red carpet – there isn’t always a showstopping gown. Case in point: Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Katie Price to name but a few, who helped rack up this week’s worst wardrobe malfunctions of the week…
    1. Miley Cyrus
    Come on, no one is surprised she’s top of the list. In this teeny tiny halterneck, backless dress with a lace-up front that leaves NOTHING to the imagination, it’s a wonder the fashion police didn’t stop Miley before she got out of the car – let alone before they saw she’d paired it with those houndstooth boots.


    2. Angelina may have managed it with her right leg at the Oscars, but Iggy failed to recreate the magic at the MTV EMAs 2013. With her serious leg split going too far up her leg, Iggy was in danger of revealing a little more than just some curvy thigh.
    3. Katy Perry
    Fishnets are one thing, but a dress made out of the stuff was a bit far even for KP – with the too-short hemline, sleeves and gaudy Chanel belt being a bit OTT.

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