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    Usually when we talk about Foot Care Tips , what comes to mind is grooming. Our feet are indispensable, they are the base that supports our entire body. As a result, problems with the feet travel upwards to affect other parts of our bodies such as knees, hips, waist and shoulders. Considering how important our feet are for our everyday activities, making sure that they are in good shape should be as basic a task as brushing our teeth.Foot Care Tips

    Put aside all the Foot Care Tips you know. Today’s post dares to venture into some basic science. But rest assured, if I am your resident scientist then you should know not to be alarmed. Lets have a chat about orthotics, no not your grandma’s shoesOrthotics are devices that can help to prevent, support or protect a part of the body from injury. As humans, we bear the weight of our body differently on our feet when we are upright and moving. This affects how our feet pronates  and supinates.

    Foot Care Tips

    I do have flat feet and although it’s not a glamorous sight to behold, the look of it is the least of its problems. It gives rise to a lot of pain and affects the positioning of my legs. Whereas my feet problems are congenital, no one is immune from developing foot problems. Most foot problems come about as a result of habits and other health problems. So the shoes we wear, the activities we do and our posture can have a bearing on the health of our feet.  A great solution to preventing and supporting foot pain is the use of orthotics known as orthopaedic insoles (OI). Slip an OI into your  shoes for comfort and shock absorption. What makes OI better than regular insoles is that OI have more benefits that just providing comfort. My favourite OI are those made by OrthoSole. They are self customisable, a one stop solution for an array of foot problems such as foot fatigue, knee pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, over pronation etc.Foot Care TipsObserving the above photo, it is evident that my feet, when they are at their normal positions under supinate ( doesn’t roll outward) and the area where my foot arch should be is over pronated (low on the ground). The following is a photo of me wearing the orthoSole insoles.

    Foot Care Tips

    Foot Care TipsNow observing the photos side by side,  you can observe that when I wear the orthoSole insoles, the positioning of my feet are corrected and supported, relieving pressure from my ankles and knees. The OrthoSole insoles come with nine different removeable support options in one insole. Check out their website HERE to choose what is suited to your needs. You can also use their storkist  finder to find out where to purchase their products.
    Foot Care Tips
    They come with two  types of unique adjustments:

    • the  heat and  pressure-sensitive layer as well as adjustable support system
    • an arch pad with varying levels of firmness to support pronation and a support for weight distribution.

    Foot Care Tips

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    I hope you find this post useful. You do not need to have a foot problem to support your feet. Prevention is always better that cure. Comment below, any other tips you have. Smooches, Marianne




    1. Mercy kendry
      July 15, 2018 / 7:40 pm

      Great piece❣ I think this is foot care tips is mostly under voiced whole most women suffer silently from the pain .
      Thank you❣

      • Marianne Nambu
        July 15, 2018 / 7:44 pm

        thanks for reading Mercy, you are right. Hopefully people will share it to their friends and family.

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