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    15 Questions with Angel
    15 Questions with Angel

    If you caught my last post, you’d know that I promise a series of 15 Questions interviews with some amazing people I have encountered on social media. In today’s post, I introduce you to Angel, aka @tout.angel, an aspiring model and student. I met this gorgeous lady during the Autumn/Winter London Fashion Week and since then I have been stalking her on Instagram.  Her Instagram posts and stories are a good balance between youthful cheer and some uplifting wellbeing messages. I find her very interesting so I thought you should get to know her too.

    Let’s get things started! So Angel, 15 Questions

    1. Your take on pineapple on pizza?15 Questions with  woth Angel

    I live for pineapple pizza!!

    2. One has to go, blazers or jeans? 15 Questions with Angel

    I love me a good blazer combo, but jeans are such a great everyday look- I love KFashion, the combination of oversized and fitted is all me!

    3. Who is your style inspiration?

    I love @simply.cie her style is every mood a girl could have

    4.Influencers you admire?15 Questions with Angel

    My biggest style inspirations are: @simply.cie on Instagram, Aaliyah and Normani!

    5. Ugg boots, love or hate?

    Hate uggs15 Questions with Angel15 Questions with Angel

    6. Birkenstocks, love or hate?

    Those are my go to Jesus sandals, we live for them!

    7. What food can you eat everyday for the rest of your life?

    I love a good pizza 🍕

    8. lip gloss or lipstick?

    Lip gloss all day

    9. Any talents?

    Singing, dancing and drawing. Specifically manga characters

    15 Questions with Angel

    10. Best place to eat?

    Best place to eat: I’m regular I just love anywhere with pizza, so I’ll say Domino’s

    11. Holidays, sightseeing or relaxing by the pool?

    1. On Holidays I like to sightsee! And learn a little bit of the language. I want to be able to speak at least 7 languages. Right now I’m currently on 4

    12. Bunnies or hamsters?

    Bunnies, I want one so bad

    13. Movies or tv series?


    15 Questions with Angel 15 Questions with Angel14. Which of your 5 senses could you live without ?

    Taste, so I’m not as picky with food

    15. Would you rather look like a potato or feel like a potato?

    Feel like a potato, don’t ask me why.

    15 Questions with Angel

    15 Questions with AngelIt’s nice to know that Angel and I are unified in our hatred for UGGs. I know that she said not to ask why, but wouldn’t it be interesting to learn why Angel would rather feel like a potato than to look like a potato;)?

    Do remember to check Angel out on Instagram HERE. 

    If you have any interesting questions you’d like me to include in this series, by all same leave them below.


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