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    15 Questions

    15 Questions

    15 Questions

    In keeping with finding new hobbies, I’ve been binge watching Vogue’s 73 questions, a fast-paced manner of interviewing celebrities by asking them 73 questions. Absolutely brilliant way for nosey introverts like myself to get to know people while avoiding any form of social interaction. Its a rather odd choice of hobby, considering it involves very minimal activity but people are interesting so why not? Talking about interviews, I’ve done a few in the past, do check them out HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

    I love Vogue’s 73 questions so much so that I’ve decided to bring it to my blog, my way of course :). So based on that idea, this post marks the first of a series of interviews with some wonderful people I have met/seen on social media. 73 is rather excessive so as you can judge from the title,  I have put together 15 questions.

    I introduce to you Chris aka @chucksandchanel, a wonderful friend I have made on the internet. She is a Belgium-based journalist /copywriter, mother to a gorgeous cocker spaniel called Fleur and a self-confessed control freak.

    15 QuestionsLet’s get things started! So Chris, 15 Questions 

    1. Your take on pineapple on pizza?15 Questions 

    I don’t like pizza that much but pineapple on pizza is hardly a crime. My problem with it is that pineapple and tomato sauce are simply incompatible as flavors.

    2. One has to go, blazers or jeans?15 Questions 

    I have only 1 blazer. The jeans can stay.

    3. Who is your style inspiration?

    Some people I know who are working in certain boutiques in Antwerp and Paris
    But I have not really favourites. I love Scandinavian and Japanese fashion and streetwear, they are my inspiration

    4. Influencers you admire

    Eva Chen, Alexa Chung, Chiara Ferragni,Teresa karpinska, Simone Kamberg-de Jong, Viktoria Rader(Vikyandthekid), Renate Jazdzyk (venswifestyle)

    And influencers I personally know like Simone Adams (frau mone), Lien (Heelmenow), I Ping (Plumtr3) Ellie (Slipintostyle) Gabriele (gabrieleimmerschön) and Petra (petravanbremen) Gabriella Berdugo (boudoirselectif)

    Designers I wear: Balenciaga, Margiela, Jil Sander, Vetements, Fendi

    5. Ugg boots, love or hate?

    I used to buy them in every colour. I think it’s completely acceptable to wear them for all occasions, throughout all seasons. A few years ago it was a big fashion crime but from this year on you can wear them again. The Ugg-boot has def. made a triumphant return to the world of fashion this year.15 Questions15 Questions

    6. Birkenstocks, love or hate?

    Ugly chic is in so why not. I have 3 pairs.

    7. What food can you eat everyday for the rest of your life?

    Vegetarian pasta (tomatoes, rucola, pinenuts, olives and cheese)

    8. lip gloss or lipstick?


    9. Any talents?

    I am a former journalist so I still love to write but now as copywriter

    10. Best place to eat?

    Antwerp and Parisian restaurants 😀

    11. Holidays, sightseeing or relaxing by the pool?

    Holidays are for me city trips. Paris, Geneva, Rome and Firenze are my fav destinations.

    12. Bunnies or hamsters?


    13. Movies or tv series?

    > Series
    Romanzo criminale
    Stranger things
    La casa de papel

    > Movies
    cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore
    Roman holiday by William Wyler
    The dark knight by Nolan Christopher
    Trois couleurs : rouge
    Trois couleurs : blanc
    Trois couleurs : bleu by Krzystof Kieslowski15 Questions

    14. Which of your 5 senses could you live without ?

    Hearing>I have misophonia and so I dislike certain sounds like eating, slurping, chewing or popping gum

    15. Would you rather look like a potato or feel like a potato?

    I def would not like to feel like a potato.15 Questions

    Oh this was such a great interview with @chuckandchanel. I learnt that I might be misophonic myself. Great list of movies and TV series there, putting them on my to-watch list.

    If you have any interesting questions you’d like me to include in this series, by all same leave them below.

    Do check out Chris’ Instagram HERE to keep up with her killer style.

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    15 questions










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