• Natural African Hair

    We have come a long way from the twisted impression that only straight hair is beautiful,from the
     time when chemically straightening your hair was a must if you were to be considered for a job. More and more people of African origin have embraced the natural look.More research has also been done on how to manage the different textures Afron hair making it easier to work with it.I wear my hair natural because i choose to.There is nothing wrong with wearing your hair in whatever style you choose.Everyone should have the right to do whatever they want with their hair.No one should feel pressured to wear their hair in a certain way because society dictates.Even in this day and age many people, even African men look at you weirdly when you wear your hair natural.But who cares?that is the hair God gave to you,whether they like it or not is insignificant.
    Afro hair to me is more versatile to work with.You can wear it in any style you prefer,curled,straightened,braided etc.
    The hair is an accessory.Use it for your benefit.African hairstyles are creative works of art.Embrace your hair!



    luv,Marianne x


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