Debonaire Gentlemen

Today’s fashion post is dedicated to men with style.OK so who said fashion is just for females?With this new breed of high maintenance men(obviously some men overdo it)

I particularly love it when i see a man who has obviously put in a bit of effort into their outfit, as opposed to just throwing outfits together which is the hallmark of most guys, yawn! oh and i particularly hate it when i see these teenage boys all over town with what is meant to be their panties(sometimes what looks like a second pair of trousers) conspicuously sticking out on top of their usually very sorry looking bottoms.
I believe that every one should at least have a sense of style and individuality depicted in their outfit.(i am sure it is in there somewhere in the constitution)
From formal office style to casual street style fashion, some men are owning it out there.Neyo,Tinny Tempeh,Trey Songz etc…

Picnik collage8
Picnik collage6

street etiquette

luv & Smooches,Marianne

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