A Bit More Effort Pls

We’ve all been there, forgotten to shave your legs or even your underarm, the unsightly callused feet and hands, chipped nails, piled over nail polish, dried up legs and hands,dry patches of skin.

Well this is something i have decided to take particular attention to and i thought someone might benefit from it to.
Remembering to shave your legs is just as important as preparing in advance to make sure that the right underwear goes with the dress you are going to wear . A little effort goes a long way.Forget about how gorgeous your dress is and concentrate on the fact that the dress is sleeveless so a little effort to take care of the deodorant marks on your underarm will allow your dress to be noticed without taking the attention to your errors.So you are wearing a fabulous pair of heels but i am starring right at your chipped nails and a feet that would do good with some lotion. Its the little things that take away from the good things we are trying to achieve.
I am not advising a stringent beauty regime but remembering to exfoliate to do away with the dry patches of skin and carrying a bit of lotion in your purse to salvage a dehydrated hand is an effort that might save you some shame.

There might be not much time but surely we do not forget to brush our teeth in the morning?or may be some don’t but dearies a little effort is all it takes.

lets face it,you cant luv fashion and hate must as well put it all together.

All been said,this was my Outfit to church today. Click Here to find me on chictopia

luv & Smooches, Marianne

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