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    In the wake of the androgyny fashion trend society seem to be loosing it cultural or perhaps social sense of defining sexuality in fashion. So blurred are the lines between masculine and feminine fashion. Is that wrong? Well I don’t think so. Personally I enjoy being girly and frou froued up! If someone feels masculine of centre, their point of view.



    Stop Starting dresses

    It would seem that fashion as a field of cultural activity has managed to barricade itself  against systematic analysis; it has put up rather a successful fight against meaning. Perhaps it would be more positive to say that fashion has always existed as a challenge to meaning where meaning is understood to involve some notion of coherence, a demonstrable consistency.( Evans & Thornton 1991,38 )
    The word feminine mean different things to different people. For instance would you consider a boxer style women’s underwear that has got pink bows all over it and lace trimmings a feminine underwear? Is a pair of boxers not intended to be a boy’s underwear?

    Temperley London show during London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013/14 

     Temperley London show during London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013/14 

    Spring Fashion 2012: L’Wren Scott | Diane von Furstenberg

    Random fact, did you know that in the 1900s pink was associated with boys and blue with girls?
    Well nostalgics such as myself would always love the typically feminine looks to remain. By this I am referring to the stereotypical 50s style frocks, ladylike, ultra feminine(for lack of a better word )tailoring( the word tailoring in itself sounds too masculine to be used in  this content)classic flared full swing skirts and the midi skirt very much embraced in the 2013 fashion trends, well except for, the indignation of seeing the archetypal midi skirt rather made with such unsuitable fabrics such as jersey and lycra making a whole mockery of the concept of being ladylike.
     For those who argue that the androgynous look emphasises and gives the woman the look of strength and power, that  to me is a hit below the belt to the feminist. If the female has to put on the appearance of a man to present herself as strong is that not rather pitiful?


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      Interesting post and great selection of pictures.

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