There is nothing as frustrating  as moving into a new home and finding out that there is not  enough space to store all your stuff. You could always try downsizing  but we all know that there are certain stuff you can just not do away with.
    Today I am sharing with you some organising tips and tricks to inspire somebody needing help with that.
    For me personally,  two things that always go through my head when I am organising are style and function.I would not sacrifice the first for the later whatsoever. I wouldn’t necessarily  use a storage solution that has no aesthetic value at all! I like to kill one bird with two stones. Organising should be fun yet purposeful. 
    Today’s post is going to focus on the kitchen and bathroom.
    Keeping organised in the kitchen and bathroom  is of dire importance.First of all to keep you sane and second, to help you get things done quickly.
    For example, just how disconcerting  is it to rummage in an unorganised drawer looking for a hairpin to keep your hair in place? What if all your hairpins had their own place?


    If I could I would have absolutely  nothing on my counter tops. A clear counter top makes a kitchen look clean and tidy .
    Utilise the insides of your cupboard / cabinet doors to store spices, food and products.
    See how you can use a magazine holder to sore fruits and vegetables . Attach them to the wall for a beautiful display which is both beautiful and useful.

    Repurpose mop and brush holders to store  spices on the inside of your kitchen  cupboards. Once the door is opened all your spices will be on display for you to use and once the door is shut everything is kept away nicely.

    Pots and pans could really be a task to store.Because of their awkward  shapes and sizes. Storing your pots on pot holders could greatly help. For a cheaper alternative, use folder racks to store your pots


    If you can fit a bookcase into your bathroom, by all means do so and use it to organise your beauty  supplies, bath and body products as well as towels.
    This will give your bathroom a well organised look and a spar- like feel as well.


    Use trays to display your most used  products or any beautiful product you would like to display.
    Trays when styled properly can take any decor up a thousand notches. Just look at these fabulous examples.


    Using floating shelves is another great way to get organising using the space  on your walls and to keep things off the floor.
    These beautiful  photos show how you can display your towels and products nicely without cluttering your space.






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