Still on the subject of organising  and styling the home, Today I am blogging about adding feminine touches to glam up your wardrobe / closet ( for the benefit of all my audiences all around the world I shall be using the words closet and wardrobe interchangeably).

Boring and uninspiring doesn’t sit very well with my spirit I love things pretty and organised.
A well organised and ‘prettified’ wardrobe is good on so many levels I would argue. Do you often forget about a dress you  actually purchased? Does out of sight out of mind mean anything to you regarding your clothing ? Then girl, listen! Your closet needs a revamp.

I have put together the following collages, call it  mood boards if you like, to inspire somebody. Before I do any dรฉcor project, I like to put together a mood board to bring together my ideas and vision to give me a clearer picture.


Before you style your closet I recommend that you have a thorough clear-out.
Bring out everything in it and sort it into 3piles, DONATE , KEEP and CHUCK .Yes I do understand that an obviously unwearable blouse is taking closet space because its got sentimental attachment,  Girl I get you. I’ve been there,but at the end of the day,if it’s not getting any use,it’s got to go. Period !
Clear your wardrobe  to the basic things you actually wear.

Get yourself some pretty storage to store and display your makeup and jewellery
Be mindful of what you actually put up for display on your dresser, after all we are trying to make stuff look pretty right? If it doesn’t look good on display just store it in a pretty storage container.
Cake stands are great for displaying perfumes.
Another cute idea is to store bracelets on a nice circular tray and place a glass dome over it.
Using the same kind /colour of hangers also make your clothes look well hung in your wardrobe.

If you do not have an  inbuilt wardrobe or closet, a cheaper option would be to get a clothes rail as pictured above for your clothes and a sort of shelving unit to organise all your beautiful shoes and accessories. You can also place a desk between the rail and shelves to create a makeup area

 Get some beautiful trays to display your perfumes.
After all your clothes and accessories are organised, then you may add some personal touches like a flower arrangement, frames posters are fashion related photos, wall dรฉcor, rugs and anything that depicts your style.
Hope this has been informative to someone. leave me a link below if you have any questions or topics you would like me to touch on.

As usual, Smooches, Marianne
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