We are a few days into the new year. It is a new year for new beginnings and new resolutions.
    For this year I personally made no specific resolutions.However i am determined more than ever to make things happen.
    I have physically written down inspirational quotes that i read regularly 
     to awaken my zeal for work. And by work I mean life generally, because everything needs work.
    Personally,i find that when I get organised I get things done. Sometimes I will lay on my bed to plan out something and suddenly I am up tidying up.That’s just because I find it very difficult to function well among chaos,or a messy environment.
    Another thing i intend doing is to live by my planner(organiser,diary ).
    It is very vital for me to make a TO DO list to remind me of all the tasks i need to do.I find that as i tick them off it lightens me up and make me feel that I’ve got things together.
    In this post I am collaborating with WeWork , a thriving company that provides shared office spaces for small businesses to give you a small tour of my workspace.
    You’ve got to check them out if you are a small business  or a freelancer who needs an office for meetings, for work or whatever.They will hook you up.
    It’s great to have a space where you can feel productive.
    Whether it’s a whole room dedicated for an office or a small desk in the corner, it’s got to function for you.
    My darling husband has graciously agreed for me to put my desk in our bedroom.
    I basically use my workspace for sewing, blogging, replying to emails, paying bills, writing and doodling in my planner. It functions for me.
    I have got great lighting from the Juliet’s balcony so I don’t have any need for desk lamp.
    When I found the desk it was a plain wood desk so I used some fablon ( contact paper) to cover the top and the sides .I liked the look of some wood peeping through the sides though. I then used gold studs to add a bit of character to it.
    I then picked up a few decorative accents, some I DIY’d just to add a bit of girly pizazz to it.
    I love that it’s just by my closet /dressing area and makes it feel like my personal space even though I share the room with the husband.
    I got this beautiful tiffany blue storage box from tkmaxx.i store paper work categorised in folders in them.GET SIMILAR HERE
    I Utilise containers to store my threads,washi tapes, and stationery in the drawer under my desk
    I use a Claude Monet personalised filofax style planner. You can get your planners and insets from paperchase
    This is a photo of my entryway.i consider it my workspace as well because this is the first point letters that are received come in and filled away after reading.
    Smooches,Mariànne 😙😙😙😙

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    1. Anonymous
      February 15, 2016 / 3:11 pm

      very nice office. Where did you get the poster on your wall from please

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