Here is a post to guide you on your way to mastering the art of living in a small space.

    Its at this point that I get the thank yous…much appreciated.

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    OK that out of the way let’s get started.
    Starting from the bulkier items- furniture.  Furniture tends to take so much space.But that’s not entirely true. Carefully choosing the right pieces will do you a lot of good. If space is of the essence forget about dark furniture and go for light coloured ones.
    As we rightly know mirrors are are a great way of creating the illusion of space, Therefore mirrored furniture are great just be prepared to clean them a lot. Because they are very unforgiving.
    In today’s post we shall be focusing on acrylics, lucite, clear,transparent or whatever you may call it.
    This trend is a favourite of mine. I would still do acrylics even if I had a massive space.They give a space a clean streak.
    Here are a few pieces I would like to show you.

    Acrylic Tray Table by CB2

    Awesome idea for displaying coffee table books or simply can be used as a one man dinning table .

    Interlude Home shelving unit

    This is a great idea to use your vertical space to organise and display your stuff.

    Safavieh Duval Bar Cart

    This cart is awesome for creating a bar or in my case a tea or coffee station. Its got wheels at the bottom so you can easily move it round if you have to.

    Geode storage boxes made of acrylic quartz and agate

    OK so when I saw these boxes I died a little. Wow whoever put acrylic and stone together was surely thinking about me when they made it.Very gorgeous pieces to store your jewellery,stationery or whatever you like to use them for.I like

    Overstock.com side table

    Need I say anything?

    One king lane Lucite console table

    OK so picture this against the wall of your entry way with a massive watercolour photo on the wall, and on top of the table is a gorgeous marble pot with some succulents in it and on the side a stack of magazines with a rose gold vintage telephone sitting on top of them and then finally on the end bit a small decorative tray where you can leave your keys and sunglasses when you walk into your home. Hmm… I think I got a bit carried away there but you get the picture right?

    Nesting tables

    These are great for when you have guests around and  your room is too small to fit a dinning table.They can also serve as extra seats when you need them.

    Finley side table

    I’ve got two words for this table TOTS ADORABS!!!! (I’ve been watching too much of kids TV  I know.



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