Let me begin this post by saying fare thee well to the fifth beatle , Sir George Martin. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

    Apparently spring has sprung somewhere in the world but definitely not in England. That I’m sure of. I looked out of my window last Sunday and it was snowing, so very apt!
    Anyway lets talk about happier things. When I think of spring I think of flowers. In today’s post I am bringing you part one of a two part post.

    This post is a review of real flowers from Tesco.com. (I know, I’m the fake flowers kind of girl but hey, it’s not like I’ve got to grow them and make sure the don’t die right?)
    Disclosure, I am a member of the Orchard at Tesco and that basically mean that I get the opportunity to try out products for tesco.
    I picked these goooRgeous tulips (in an Italian accent just for effect) from my local tesco shop and truly I’ve got one word J’adore!

    The second post coming up soon will be how I style my home with these flowers. KEEP THEM PEELED.



    This bunch retails for £5 and there is quite a bit in there. About 15 individual ones.  That’s awesome considering how fresh and beautiful they are . Seriously, you would be paying quite a bit for these if you went to a florist.
    Next time you wnt to buy flowers just go to tesco.The flowers at the grocers is equally as good dont get it twisted. It’s convenient to purchase  these. You could even buy them online at Tesco Direct and have them delivered to you. They stock a variety of flowers, so you have quite a choice.
    The only thing was that there was no flower food in the package. Not sure if it was an omission. But in all I will totally recommend buying fresh flowers from Tesco.










    1. March 9, 2016 / 6:02 pm

      Great to know Teresa,I will definitely read that post.I will keep a look out for it.

    2. Clara Burro
      March 9, 2016 / 10:47 pm

      It is great that you mixed a few colors. It is too often people choose only one color bouquet.
      Nicely arranged table !

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