• Danone Light & Free BzzCampaign

    Its summer and my trusted coats cannot hide the bloat any longer. And since I intend to feature a flatter tum, Ive got to get on the #teamsexy wagon.
    So, when I received an invite from BZZAGENT to join the Danone Light & Free BzzCampaign to #tryitforfree , I wasn’t going to say no? Really, why would I? I am personally lactose intolerant but I am fine with yogurts so let’s get on with this review.
    So my parcel from BZZAGENT contained a power bank, earpiece, USB cord and coupons to get  the yogurts to try. Wow, I wasn’t really expecting  that but thanks BZZAGENT, you know I love you right:)
    I picked my yoghurts up with my free coupon from Tesco.
    They come in about four flavours Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach Passion Fruit and Cherry. 
    They are very creamy with fruity bits in it and it’s Greek style yoghurt .
    I had it for breakfast with some granola and strawberries.  I also made a snack of yogurt, bananas , strawberries and a honey topping:)  for my daughter and we all loved it!
     ‘Light* & Free’ has 0% fat, 0% added sugar**, and is simply, unbelievably tasty!
    *Over 30% fewer calories than most full fat fruit yogurts
    **Contains naturally occurring sugars
    242 kJ, 58 kcal per pot*
    *3% of an adult’s reference intake. Per 100g: 210kJ / 50kcal
    My verdict :
    They are delicious and very affordable.I will very much recommend it to everyone. 

    Smooches, Mariànne


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