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    Everyday life can become bland to anyone. Experiencing the world and trying new things is a goal we all want to achieve, but where does one start? Not all of us are fortunate enough to be born into wealthy homes. Even while googling ideas online, you’ll find that suggestions become fairly repetitive. ‘Oh, try bungee-jumping and travelling to Hawaii, afterwards go to Tokyo and take a picture with a monkey riding a tricycle!’ – pfft, if only I had the time and money!

    So the question is, what are some things I can try that do not require a great amount of money, and I have not done/thought of before? To make it easier for you lovely readers, I’ve compiled a quick list on ‘Ten Things You Should Try, And Maybe Get Into’.

    1. Creating Online Graphics

    Digital art includes drawings, the use of photoshop, logos, and so on. This can help you with your branding if you have your own ‘organization’ (for the lack of a better word). Blogging, youtube, having an instagram account, those are all examples that you can benefit from branding. This can be very handy as a lot of people are looking for graphic designers. Learning the skill can help you earn some extra cash, from other people that cannot create their own branding. If you want to mostly draw, use Paint Tool SAI, which is helpful when having a mouse. FireAlpaca is better (in my opinion), if you have a drawing tablet, which costs around $100 for non-professional use. Photoshop is good for logos, headers, and thumbnails. There are various ways on getting it free, but if you can’t, Gimp is a good alternative. These are base programs you can begin using that are not too hard to learn. If you find yourself struggling, there are plenty of tutorials online.

    2. Dazzle Your Friends By Cooking Cuisines From Around the World

    There are multiple recipes you know and eat in your household. Depending on where you are from, the style of foods will obviously be different. We’ve also inherited a few dishes from other countries into our diet. For example, spaghetti which was originated in Italy, has become popular in many countries. From sushi to poutine, and vermicelli to shawarmas, there are more foods you can try and learn to make on your own. This allows you to understand various cultures a little more, and it’s cool to show off to your friends on your expanded knowledge on cuisines around the world.

    3. Knitting And Sewing Is NOT Just For The Elderly

    I will remind you at the start, knitting and sewing requires a lot of patience to do.

    This is for the artsy people. The two skill sets can become very handy in the time of need, and you can create many crafts with the use of yarn and string. There are plenty of tutorials online that will help you get started! To aid you in the brainstorming process of what you should make, I will list a few things you can attempt at

    • stuffed animals
    • stockings
    • baskets/carriers
    • clothing
    • covers for your books/bookmark
    • decoration around your house

    4. Animation

    Like watching cartoons? Disney movies? Anything that relates with, well, animation? This is something you should definitely try, even if you decide that this will not be a long-term thing. This educates you on the work animators put in and you can see if this may be something you would enjoy doing. There are two main types of animations to me, 2D and 3D. Choose one to start, as both have their own difficulties and challenges. Most programs may cost a bit of money, but for 3D animations you can use ‘Cinema 4D’ (which is free). I don’t have a recommendation for a 2D animation program, but surely you can find something through google.

    5. Start Your Own Business

    Starting your own business sounds hard, and it is when you’re trying to get yourself out there. That goes for many certain things, such as blogging and being an artist. To begin, you need to find the purpose of your ‘company’, and recognize how you will provide the following:fundingadvertisementemployees (if you want)websiteproductMake this a checklist and begin by starting a goal, or a ‘mission statement’. Find your ‘vision’ and develop the business’s ‘values’. You can find examples of these by searching it up online. After that, think about how you are going to provide. Do you have the products or services? How are you going to obtain them? Will you need funding? Lastly, begin spreading news on your organization, which is the hardest part. A good way to start is on social media, and to join other aspiring business owners like you. Hopefully this guide will help you start off.

    6. Coding

    This is especially helpful for people who want to start a website completely from scratch, without a host. Learning how to code is difficult and not something you can be knowledgable about overnight. To begin, search, ‘coding tutorial’ on Youtube or Google, and continue from there.

    7. Know More About Plants

    You know how cool it would be, if you could go out and identify almost all the plants around you. I really don’t know much about plants and flora, other than that I want to begin teaching myself this too. Learn about the use of each plant, and the history of how it was found with its meaning. This is something not many people do, so try this out!

    ​8. Find The Right Diet For You

    Trying different diets can be beneficial when you find something that coordinates with your lifestyle. Not just by going vegan, but there are others out there that you can attempt. Make sure you know your boundaries so you don’t starve or put yourself at risk! Begin by having one type of diet each week or two, and learn the cost and health benefits of them all. Hopefully you’ll be able to find something that fits you.

    9. Write To Your Heart’s Content

    While reading this blog, there’s a high chance you also own a blog too. This clearly indicates that you love writing, and if not, you should try other ways to express yourself through the art of written work. Wether it’s through the news, articles, or writing a story, here are a few websites you can begin.Wattpad-Write your own stories, it’s easier to use and is the most popular writing app/site.Quotev-Another writing site. Quotev does not have an app, but there are groups where you can share your work and create your own journal. It’s basically a mini blog/tumblr, but for writing.Listverse-Get paid $100 through PayPal by submitting a list that contains at least 10 things, with 1500 words (it does not matter what topic). Not all work will be accepted.

    ​10. Stream!

    This is a great way to improve your communication skills. How does streaming work? By talking to yourself and having people watch you…yep, sounds fun! Streaming has many possibilities and there are websites that support this. Before starting, you should decide on the genre you want to record yourself doing. Wether it is gaming, singing, or just talking about your life, keep with that field so you don’t confuse your viewers. Make sure you have decent audio and video quality. A couple sites you can use is Twitch for gaming, and YouNow for more life related topics.

    Hopefully you found this helpful, and you will try at least one of these out! Let me know how it goes in the comment section.


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