• Garnier Micellar Water : Is it worth the Hype?

    Micellar water is basically  a solution of  micelles, which is a cluster  of detergent oil molecues.
    It works by latching onto the dirt or impurities on the skin and rids them off living the skin purified.
    As complicated as this may sound, micellar water is kind to the skin and not harsh at all.
    Probably like me, you have heard the Hype! on micellar water and you are wondering if it’s all marketing or that there is really a truth to it.
    I have dry skin and always wished that I don’t have to use face scrubs at all.
    However I wear make up although not religiously but still not using a face scrub at all isn’t an option I am going for.
    Disclaimer: I was sent the Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water to review.
     I was excited about this because I have seen reviews on the blue top and a pink top one which aren’t oil infused and have thought to myself, that would surely not make a difference to my dry skin. I didn’t know about this  white top one which is oil infused.
    To be honest when it comes to skincare,  the words scrub, cleanse and wash sounds absolutely the same to me. If you have oily skin you might like to try those. But for those with dry sensitive skin,  This might be your holy grail.
    First of all it smells lovely. I can’t say for sure what it smells like but it does have a plant tint to it. (YA, I Still haven’t made any sense,I know)
    It comes in a 400ml plastic bottle .
    It boasts of removing  even waterproof makeup.
    It also claims to cleanse and nourish the face and no need to wash your face afterwards. (Saves you water and time)


    Did i start using this product with any optimism? Absolutely No! I have just gotten used to the fact that nothing really works.
    I, however give this product a double thumbs up! 
    It does exactly what it says on the tin. It takes off all your makeup and  your face feels squeaky clean.
    I have DESERT drrrrrryyyyy skin. And this has always been an issue. While others prime their foundation with milk of magnesia to keep the oiliness away, I prime with glycerine! (Get the picture?) 
    However, after using this product, i do not even need to moisturise my face afterwards.
    It makes my skin hydrated and also leaves a slight glow on my face.

    Girl, Say no to ‘ashyness’, get you some micellar water !


    • It’s cheap compared to others on the market, go grab it now. Usually £5.99 in the UK. Guess what?It even on sale for £3 HERE (click here)
    • You get 200 uses in one single bottle (Yas girl). A little goes a long way.
    • It’s dermatologically and ophthalmologoically tested.
    • Garnier is a company you can trust. They’ve proved themselves over the years.

    Smooches, Mariànne 


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