What’s popping, what’s new? Hope you are all doing great. Today,  I am collaborating with AWO’S HOUSE OF FASHION to showcase these amazing African print blazers. These blazers are oh so gorgeous and form fitting. Blazers are so timeless and classic. They can jazz up any outfit and adds a doze of put togetherness to even the most basic pieces.  In most of these photos, i am literally wearing skinny jeans and a basic vest top , however the blazer takes the look from drab to chic in just one take! Blazers can be worn all year round. On summer nights to keep the occasional chills at bay and even in the colder seasons to warm up and still look fabulous. You can’t wear colour in colder seasons, said no one ever! These African prints are beautiful. They come in varying sizes. 
    Get in contact and let Awo’s House of Fashion get you looking all sorts of fabulous all year round. Find Awo’s House of Fashion Here.
     Email me on haute.comely@yahoo.co.uk or DM me on instagram @hauteandcomely. Alternatively, you can leave a message on this post and I shall get in contact with you. 
    Smooches, Mari├ánne  

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    1. August 24, 2016 / 1:14 pm

      Love the Ankara blazers. These are beautiful prints. Like your blog too.

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