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Why an Essential Oil Diffuser?

I love me a sweet-smelling home, I however dislike the rather strong, migraine inducing smells plug-in air fresheners can emit. Trust me, I’ve tried a few and while I find that some are less strong-smelling  than others, they are all made of harmful toxins that does no one any good. An Essential oils diffuser is by far the best option I’ve found. It’s a healthier and milder option to keeping your home fresh.

What does an Essential Oil Diffuser do?

An essential oil diffuser or humidifier is a great way of purifying the air while filling a room with a subtle aroma. Essential oil diffusers do more than just adding a nice smell to the home. Essential oils have healing properties, help to purify the air and stop the spread of viruses among others. When I was researching the product, I came across many associated names such as humidifier, nebulizer and purifiers. Check the following links for the types of essential oil diffusers  and the best essential oil diffusers.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Hay fever season is here and as in many households, the monotonous sound of wet sneezes has become the only music I hear on repeat in my home. Bless my little girl’s heart, she said she was tired of saying ‘bless you’ so she would only say one to cover the string of sneezes that usually followed the first outburst. In an amazing wife fashion😉, I purchased the pictured ultrasonic essential oil aroma diffuser and a set of six essential oils for the husband to help with his symptoms.  I knew that the tea tree and peppermint oils will be especially helpful for aiding breathing and sleep.

What Are Essential Oils?

They are plant based oils that have been used since time immemorial for healing, alchemy, cosmetology and cleaning. Popularly known as aromatherapy, essential oils aid physical mental and emotional wellbeing.

Essential Oil Diffuser

The oils in my package included:

  • tea tree oil- an anti bacterial and immune system stimulant
  • peppermint oil – reduces fevers, pains, supports respiration and aid digestion.
  • eucalyptus oil- respiratory benefits
  • lemon oil- anti-bacterial benefits
  • lavender oil- healing and calming properties
  • lemongrass- aids digestion, and a muscular pain reliever

Essential Oil Diffuser

The oil diffuser  I purchased is a colour changing electric device with a 500ml capacity tank. It is simple to use, you basically take the cover off, fill it up with and the provided cup to the desired marked level and then plug it in to a source of power and press mist to the desired mode. You can choose to turn the colour changing feature on or off as you  desire. It comes with a remote control which is a great addition. It’s been great so far, I’m thinking of buying a separate one for the living area.

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Essential Oil Diffuser
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Do you know of any other healthy ways of keeping the home smelling fresh?

Comment your tips below, I’d love to know

Smooches, Marianne

17 thoughts on “Essential Oil Diffuser |Wellness Through Aromatherapy

  1. I love essential oil; getting them from Amazon too, my favorite is my current one, green tea and lemon from body
    Shop, made in France doesn’t hurt;-)… I love green tea this reminds me of a Bulgari fragrance another called linen and tobacco is very nice too, my bf favorite. I used to put a couple drops of pure lavender oil on my pillow at night but it gave me a headache.

  2. I love essentials oils! I have a couple of diffusers that we use when people start to get sick. I also love how it just freshens up the house!

  3. I absolutely love using essential oils for my family!!! I have all of the ones here and find them invaluable! 🙂

  4. This essential oil diffuser sounds great! I’m allergic and my son too, this year hasn’t been too tough but I’d love to try the diffuser!

  5. I need a oil diffuser too. Just recently bought lavender oil. Quite tempted to some of the others you mentioned.

  6. I love the idea of an essential oil diffuser what a good idea. I bet it is a really lovely addition to have in the house.

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