Autumn decor ideas
    Picture yourself cosied up in the most comfortable bean bag, covered in the fluffiest and chunkiest blanket, sipping on a pumpkin spiced latte, with a caramel cinnamon candle burning away in the corner while listening to Ed Sheeran or perhaps Sam Smith in the lowest volume possible. Are you there with me? umm, yeah, no forget that. That imagery is a bit too Instagram heavy, not the reality at all, or is it? Autumn is here! and I must say that it is my favourite season. I love that it is neither too hot nor cold. Plus we get to incorporate all those warm earthy tones into our fashion and décor. Although the above scenario isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, There are a few autumn decor ideas that you can put in place to set you in the mood for the season and to get you in the swing of things.

    Autumn decor ideas

    Caption image source : Justine Celina (Also featured image source)

    Autumn Decor Ideas

    Having said that, I thought that a blog post on how to incorporate autumn decor ideas into your existing decor will be most appropriate. You can also check out my previous post on 7 Things To Do With Pumpkins. I enjoy watching how our friends in the USA go full on, with their fall decor. Other countries such as the UK, do not attend to autumn with the same kind of alacrity but a few edits here and there are ok too right? Bits and pieces such as cushions, ornaments, throw blankets and autumnal scents are ways to keep your decor fresh and in season. In today’s post, we are looking at three autumn colour palettes: the traditional palette, a feminine palette and a more vibrant colour palette. I hope that at least one palette will stick out to you and give you some ideas.


    I love how this palette is a gentle transition from summer. It is a more feminine pastel palette of mint, sandy browns, salmon and caramel. I think that the following throw blanket, cushion , vase and basket fits the theme.

    Autumn decor ideas


    This palette is a more traditional take on fall / autumn decor ideas. Burgundy, rustic oranges and berries, as we see in the use of pumpkins, foliage, fallen leaves, tree barks and pinecones are what comes to mind when we think of autumn/fall.
    We could still incorporate these tones in a not so obvious way by changing up a few things such as, cushion covers, blankets and adding a few decorative items to our existing decor.

    Autumn decor ideas


    Stepping away from the obvious warm fall/ autumn colours, this palette brings in a bit of vibrancy for those who like a bit of colour all year round. I find myself drawn on a spiritual level to this palette, yes, trust me it’s really that deep. I love mustard and teal, I enjoy how these two colours work with and against each other.

    Sticking with the teals, mustards, tans and spiced honies in our autumn decor ideas, we can decorate our home with cushions, ornaments and season appropriate candles like Shearer’s cinnamon spice candle and reed diffuser,

    Autumn decor ideas

    Image Source: Creative Market

    Autumn decor ideas

    Source: Creative Market

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