• AW18 Top Picks For The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

    We are in the season of comfort and warmth, when it is okay to walk around in blankets and not be judged. Today, I am sharing  with you some of my top picks for AW18 and what to include in your capsule wardrobe /closet if you are building one. A capsule wardrobe, for anyone who does not know what it is,  is a rotational collection of your top classic, seasonal, practical and versatile pieces  that you can mix and match to build various looks from. This idea is a great way of cutting excessive buying and narrowing your choice of clothing to a practical limit. It is great to build one now if you haven’t done so already because, it is a transitional point from somewhat cold to full on winter. If you want to know more about building a capsule wardrobe, check out Unfancy, you’d love it. I have selected 22 pieces of clothing from  Shopbop ranging from jumpers, coats, dresses, skirts, trousers and accessories. This Capsule wardrobe is made up of  smart versatile stylish separates of warm colours, playful bold statement pieces, prints and an eclectic mix of feminine and masculine silhouettes.

    1. Jumpers

    Need I say more? How are you going to face this cold season without a jumper? Tell me how sister… I’d wait,… Yeah I thought so!, you cannot say how. I have handpicked these four for three main reasons: eye catching, comfort and stylish! Jumpers  are great versatile pieces because you can layer them, dress them up, down, with skirts, with jeans , with trousers etc. You can find some ideas HERE.

    1. Otto Dame pullover 2. Mara Hoffman Sweater3.  Self Portrait Pullover 4. A.W.A.K.E sweater

    2. Coats and Jacket

    Apart from the practical reason that coats and jackets keep us warm, do you not find them so cool? They give you the ‘clad in a blanket’ feel even when you are outside, and if you are imaginative enough, you can picture yourself cosied up in your sofa, drinking hot chocolate and watching your favourite TV show even when you are in the middle of a board meeting;). These four coats represent the classics: warm and fuzzy, heritage prints, basic camel trench and a cool puffer. I’m sure that I have covered everyone’s style in this collection. I can see a lot of my younger readers loving this burnt orange puffer jacket. It’s super warm and amazingly cool to boot!

    PS. If you battle with telling the difference between a coat and jacket, well QUORA  has it that,

    “Coats have tended to be longer than jackets. A jacket goes to the waist. A coat goes down to your thighs. A coat is a long garment worn by both men and women, for warmth or fashion”- QUORA


    1. Ann Vest Coat 2. Anna October 3.  Pallas Double breasted Coat 4. Nanushka Puffer Jacket

    3. Dresses

    Nobody could be more happy than me, now that midis are back in fashion. Midi dresses exude sophistication and femininity. Midi, if you can hear me, do remember that when everyone else said that you were too granny- looking and prude, I stuck by you. I would just leave it at that. You can check out how I styled a midi dress HERE.

    1. C/Meo Dress 2. Lagarde dress 3. Popplin Gathered Midi Dress

    4. Skirt

    This season, we are going away from tailored cuts and reaching for asymmetrical, pleated, belted, tweed, animal printed and long length skirts.

    1. Georgia Skirt 2. Margot Midi skirt 3. Utility Layered Maxi Skirt

    5. Trousers

    We are going back into the 70s and bringing back all the wide, flared and printed trousers.

    1. Crinkle PVC trousers 2. Dylan high Waisted Trousers 3. High Waisted Trousers

    6. Accessories

    Notice that I didn’t pick a black bag? Well, we are not doing boring this season.  We are going with structured, textured and vibrant. For shoes, we are doing croc, pointy, square toed, slouchy, western style and by all means, animal print boots.

    1. Brigitta Small Bag 2. Delphine Bootie 3. Aaylina Bootie4. Jet Set Satchel 5. Wool Beret

    Smooches, Marianne XX



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