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    smile a bit moreIf only you smiled a bit more.

    Smile a bit more is one phrase that may sound harmless to some but unbearably annoying to many. It is not a given that if you smiled a bit more, your problems get solved or the world becomes a better place. I thought that I was the only one that observed, but my friends who have experienced the same agree that they have never been told by another woman to smile a bit more. It’s always men! I really do not want this to be a lash out against men, but it screams sexism at best and oppressive at worst( I honestly don’t know which is the lesser evil). It is a reinforcement of societal ideas on what a woman should be, agreeable.

    Usually, when I’m told by a stranger to smile a bit more, I shoot them back with a “why” delivered with a stern face. And as if by design, I always get one of two responses: you’d look more beautiful if you did or because you are a woman. Who said to you that in this moment in time or ever, I am trying to look more beautiful of check a socially constructed tick box on what a woman should be? Argh!
    Smile A Bit Moresmile a bit more“It takes 17 muscles to smile and 42 to frown”

    It also takes me just one nerve to put you in your place! If we put all the first world problems in hierarchy, I’m sure frowning wouldn’t be the most damning.

    Word of advice

    For all humankind, what is the point of slapping a big grin across your face when for instance you have a heart full of pain or worries on your mind? Masking your worries by putting up a happy front is lying to one’s own self

    Smile A Bit MoreSmile A Bit More
    Smile A Bit Moresmile a bit moresmile a bit moreNonetheless, where a change in a person’s mood is an evidence of worry. When you find that someone close to you seems down, offer your time if they’d let you in. Perhaps your audience or concern for their wellbeing will put a genuine smile on their face.
    Also remember that, one may have no worries and still choose not to smile. Let people be and when they want to smile, they would.

    Outfit Deets

    I was recently gifted some items from femmeluxefinery.co.uk, an affordable, yet trendy fashion company.  I also worked with them in last year’s AUTUMN STYLE TREND post so I am familiar with their brand. To create these 3 looks, I picked out a PU leather bustier top from their corset top collections and matching PU leather high waisted leggings. The set can also be found in their  Co-Ords collection. I also picked up the black one shoulder multiway tie jumpsuit from their jumpsuit collection and a black slogan T-shirt .


    Reading List


    Wine PU High Waisted Leggings: HERE

    Wine PU corset top: HERE

    Jumpsuit: HERE

    Earrings: HERE

    Chain Belt: HERE

    Watch: SIMILAR

     Bracelet: HERE

    heels: SIMILAR



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