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    15 Questions with Sensible Stylista15 Questions with Sensible Stylista

    Today’s interview is with Dr Kimberly Kong, a style, food and travel blogger with a musical background. Kim blogs full-time and works as a freelance social media consultant and food photographer. I caught a glimpse of one of her amazing shots on my Instagram discovery page and fell in love with her aesthetic. Infact, it was her gorgeous fur baby Daisy that sold her page for me ( I love dogs, did I mention?).15 Questions with Sensible Stylista

    Questions with the Sensible Stylista, lets go!

    1. your take on pineapple on pizza? 15 Questions with Sensible Stylista

    Although I’m a pizza traditionalist at heart, I definitely appreciate unique flavour combinations. I’m more than happy to down a pineapple/ham slice.

    2. One has to go, blazers or jeans?15 Questions with Sensible Stylista

    I love jeans too much! Blazers add so much polish, but I’ll have to go with denim on this one.

    3. Who is your style inspiration?

    All the amazing people around me! I appreciate everyone’s unique sense of style.

    15 Questions with Sensible Stylista

    4. Influencers you admire

    @jseverydayfashion, @kerina.wang, @curvygirlchic, and so many more!

    5. Ugg boots, love or hate?

    I’m not a fan, but if you love them, all the power to you! The magical ingredient in life is confidence so whatever helps you feel most powerful in your skin is “hot” in my book.

    6. Birkenstocks love or hate?

    Again, not a fan, but I’ve seen so many people pull off Birks!

    7. What food can you eat everyday for the rest of your life?

    Pasta, pasta, and more pasta. I’m a sucker for all carbs.

    8. Lip gloss or lipstick?

    Lip gloss! It keeps my mouth hydrated so I don’t have to worry about moisturizing or exfoliating beforehand.

    9. Any talents?

    I got my doctorate in piano performance so that’s a talent of mine. I’m also a black belt in tae kwon do so watch out =P

    15 Questions with Sensible Stylista

    10. Best place to eat?

    I’m actually an avid foodie – I have a second blog called @nomtasticfoods. There are SO many amazing places to eat in DC, but some of my favourites are Hanumanh, Elle, and Pineapple And Pearls.

    11. holidays, sightseeing or relaxing by the pool?

    Both depending on my mood! I love getting quality R&R, but at the same time, I will explore a new city until I wear my shoes out.

    12.bunnies or hamsters?

    Dogs, lol.

    13. Movies or tv series?

    Movies because I have a serious issue with binge watching, lol.

    14. Which of your 6 senses could you live without? Smell.

    Would you rather look like a potato or feel like a potato? Feel like a potato!

    15 Questions with Sensible Stylista

    A doctorate in piano performance and a black belt in tae Kwando! Who knew? Anyway, I checked out Kim’s food page,

    just a friendly warning, DO NOT look at her page on an empty stomach! I had acid reflux just by looking and I’m not even a foodie:)

    Please do checkout Kim on her Blog, Instagram ,Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter

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