• Alicia’s Decor and her love story with floristry


    flower designs

    flower design

    Today’s interview is with a lady who is very close to my heart. I get to see how amazing she is both inside and out on a daily basis. It will be very selfish on my part not to share her with the world. I introduce to you, Alicia’s Décor and her love story with floristry.

    Introduce yourself to my readers.

    For several years I have been a happy wife and mother of two boys but to complete this happiness was finding passion for flowers. Now I feel 100% happy because I do what I love and I can share it with others.

    What inspired you to go into floristry?

    I have always liked nature, flowers, candles and various interesting decorations, all of these connect together to create something phenomenal. I’ve always admired people who follow their dreams, that’s why I decided to do something for myself and enrolled in a floristry course. While doing the course new ideas were born which I try to realize.


    What did you do to gain so much knowledge in this area?

    I gained my knowledge on a floristry course which I did for two years. In addition, I am inspired by other florists on social media such as Instagram and Pinterest.

    I also started working for a wonderful woman who creates amazing flower decorations in the wedding industry.

    Her page is @passionflowersbyemmaspowage I invite you to view her site! I am a big fan of her work and I am glad that I can work for her and learn from the best. Working for her to decorate large weddings has also enabled me to meet many amazing and talented people. With some of them I have a few plans to realize that you will see shortly.



    What sort of floral arrangement would you say is your expertise?

    I can do many things, such as wreaths, flower crowns, flowerbox bouquets, hand tied bouquet, chandelier, fan design, link design, topiary tree, double ended funeral spray, massed wreath top table floral arrangement and many more. My biggest dream is to focus on the wedding industry, occasional events and photo sessions. What fate brings will see.

    Is floristry a talent or an acquired skill?

    I think basic knowledge is really useful and important but in practice it is also important to have a sense of style, taste and an eye for beauty. Talent plays a big role. I have heard many times from people in this industry that I have a natural gift and a good eye, which I am very happy about and thanks to these positive comments I have got the energy to keep working on myself.

    What tips do you have for aspiring florists?

    My biggest advice to future florists is to work on your skills and to follow the beauty that surrounds us. There really are a lot of beautiful and interesting plants around us but we run through this life too quickly, that’s why we don’t notice them. Which is a pity because nature gave us a lot of beautiful plants with interesting structure that can be used for various flower compositions to give them originality and character.



    A lot of your photos have amazing lighting. Do you use artificial lighting or mainly natural light? If it’s mostly natural light, how do you find such a great lighting condition

    I usually use natural light to take pictures. I try to show every photo as it looks in reality. Unfortunately, I am not a photographer, that’s why for me it is difficult to do as I would like. At the moment I take my pictures with my phone. I have a camera at home, but at the moment, I am still learning how to set it up and use it. I hope to dedicate more time in the future to learn photography.

    What are your social media handles?

    Thanks to social media I can share my work with others and connect with positive people from this industry from around the world and get a lot of inspiration. You can find me on Instagram: @alicia’s.decor.




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