• 15 Questions with The Emerald Lass

    15 Questions with The Emerald Lass15 Questions with The Emerald Lassblogger interview

    This week’s  interview is with a wonderful stylist, fashion blogger, content creator, personal shopper and curator, Sumbonita of The Emerald Lass. I was browsing Instagram and came across a post from her and thought how amazing is this lady. I reached out to her and she gladly agreed to do the 15 questions with us. Sumbonita describes herself as “a bargain-hunting avid shopper, style enthusiast and Jesus lover who loves love and all things pretty and quirky. ”I’m  fun-loving although sometimes bashful Emerald lass (Nigerian-Irish) living in London, looking to share snippets of my world through styled lens” she says. 15 Questions with The Emerald Lass

    15 Questions with The Emerald Lass. lets go!

    1. your take on pineapple on pizza? 15 Questions with The Emerald Lass

    I never have one without it. Haiwan pizza with chicken and sweet corn is my fave.

    2. One has to go, blazers or jeans?15 Questions with The Emerald Lass.

    Only because you can always style other bottoms to replace jeans. Blazers on the other hand are just tooo versatile.

    3. Who is your style inspiration? Blogger Interview

    Honestly, no one in particular. I just do what comes and feels natural to me. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t people who I admire their style but there isn’t one singular style inspiration for me.15 Questions

    4. Influencers you admire

    Asiyami Gold, Juliette Foxx of Romeo fashion fix. Mainly for their creative flair.

    5. Ugg boots, love or hate?

    Was a fan when I was a college student but not now.lol

    6. Birkenstocks love or hate?

    I had to google what those were so hate.

    7. What food can you eat everyday for the rest of your life?

    I’m Nigerian so Jollof rice and fried plantain with smoked turkey.

    8. Lip gloss or lipstick?


    9. Any talents?

    Is styling a talent? What about Shopping?haha. I can also hold a tune so singing.

    15 Questions with The Emerald Lass

    10. Best place to eat?

    Churchill arms on a Sunday afternoon but I love any good brunch place

    11. holidays, sightseeing or relaxing by the pool?


    12.bunnies or hamsters?


    13. Movies or tv series?

    Series. You get to see characters develop more.

    14. Which of your 6 senses could you live without? Smell.

    None please 😂

    15. Would you rather look like a potato or feel like a potato?

    The Irish in me just wants to eat potatoes so I’ll pass on looking like or feeling like it.😂

    15 Questions with The Emerald Lass



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    1. Josephine van-Dyck
      July 12, 2020 / 7:42 am

      Love it. Especially her fav. Food.

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